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cut my hair, good riddance to the "chelsea" part but that blonde spot is not cool. also, there's nothing grosser than dyed black hair with blonde roots. what's weird is my hair was black when i was really really little, got medium/dark brown and now it's naturally black again. i am like a seagull. their feathers change color with age. woooo.

also holyshit does that flash wash me out.

This comic strip never fails to bring me lolz.

And anyways, it is Halloween, last weekend and the vaugely-Halloween-ish celebrations that went with it  were great, but I get to dress up today.
yesterday i got a true sense of what place in my life i am truly at. it was a 50-50 blend of teenage slacking and doing dumb shit that i don't wanna do, aka adulthood. oh well. it's just like, i wish i could be somewhere between 18 and 21 forever without having to get older. like, how the fuck does anyone WANT to live to see 30, let alone 100? after 30, you know, you're expected to go to like, classy parties and not get shitfaced there. NO FUN. have kids or at least a "real" job. (aka not being a dishwasher hahahaha) NO FUN. it's just all this lame shit that i don't feel like droning on and on about, but "really" growing up is lame as fuck. i know there are exceptions to this, but how many of you have seen that one 35-year-old dude acting 15 years younger than he is and been totally creeped out by that behavior? yeah. so you're fucked if you get old, no matter how you deal with it.
in other news i set the ashtray on fire. how awesome.

also, moving for a record 3rd time in two months if what i think is going to happen goes through. jaysus. and people wonder why i don't have much useless shit.
okay, and here i am, convinced i will never have interwebz again, and that actually sounded pretty appealing. i dunno. the internet is lame but there is this fucking incessant ticking sound and going to sleep wouldn't even be possible if i wanted to. so, boredom coupled with sheer paranoia leads me to the warm glow of the screen.

i brought a dead cat to the dump today.
those of you who haven't seen me on planet reality, i'm a smallish young lady with a mohawk and some zits i grew recently, this combined with well, not exactly a baby face, but the type that hasn't really outgrown the awkward disproportion that seems to affect those in middle school.... put simply, i look like i'm 13 fucking years old. (meaning i'm going to finally be done getting carded for smokes at age 35, the rate i'm going)
the only vehicle i had to accomplish this bizarre and grim chore was a large truck. i have never driven it before and thus have no idea how big it is, so i was driving like an elderly woman on speed, as i drive far too fast but was terrified when parking the fucker.
there is a fucking roadkill cat(NO I DID NOT HIT IT) in the back. in a motherfucking bucket.
see, this poor creature was hit outside the home of my dad's girlfriend's mother, (i hate hate hate explaining stuff like that, i dunno, i realized i was white trash when i figured out how to open beer on my belt buckle, but "fourth cousin by marriage to Jeb" and shit annoys me greatly, i don't like having to say more than like, one degree of relationship argh)
lovely black cat a day or two ago, now a pile of fur with some guts making a magnificent trail...and i guess she's(DGM) old and shit and they didn't want her to see it, everyone was busy and they wanted the thing gone, i woulda rather buried it out in the woods but i couldn't find a box and they wanted the bucket i shoveled the cat-mess into back, and also, they told me to bring it to the dump, sometimes it's just better to not ask questions about stupid shit like that, and do it.

big question.... how in the fuck did i manage to not get pulled over?! :O
i kind of hate living right now. i am around 200 miles from the very large majority of my friends, not like 90% of them noticed i dissapeared.  bah, fuck everyone.

subhumans, world inferno friendship society, i object! and mouth sewn shut, all at the same show, and last show at axis, last night. it was bizarre and amazing. i can't even explain it.

there was also a sox game and it let out around the same time as the show. if you do not understand boston and its subway system- this is VERY BAD if you're on even a vauge time-frame. i was very late and locked out of my abode. it really sucked, i thought i'd just sleep in the hall or something, then i hear joe walking around so i'm like HEY LET ME IN and he starts cursing me out. what the fuck?

i have had a cell phone for a little less than 5 months, and i lost it last night, and i realized i had become dependent on the little fucker in that short time frame. oh well, mysterious max rides again, i suppose. 


 i had to walk home from a show in salem. it was not fun.
also, everyone left before the band i was there to see played, so there was literally like 15 people left so there was no fun dancing!
this has been a very lame friday night, i must say.