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Ayo, I'm in Florida, and have been for like a  week and a half. It's been pretty great, except waiting two days in Baldwin for a westbound. That one sucked. I was in Macon GA for three days before that, camping with some old dudes who kept buying me beer, then Atlanta for a week before that, which fucking ruled and I met some great kids, half of them worked at the food co-op and gave me delicious things, which is good, I've lost a good 15lbs, blah blah. Christmas passed without any real notice. This is coffee-shop internet here, free is good. Blah, just thought I'd let everyone know I was alive.
your teethies make me really want to eat massive amounts of chocolate for some reason..oh and i'm adding you cause i waanna make yo my internerdnet friend

take care out there : )