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acoustic guitars, activism, adventures, aimless wandering, anarcho, anarcho-folk, anarchy, art, atheism, bad zombie movies, being a secret admirer, being amazing, being somewhat filthy, black coffee, books, boston, bumming cigarettes, candy from strangers, chainsmoking, cheap beer, cockney slang, crack rock steady, crust, crust as fuck, d-beat, dancing like a maniac, decades not lived through, dirty broke beautiful &free, dirty punk boys, dirty punk girls, diy, drawing, dreadlocks, drinking, drug culture, dumpster diving, eating nazis for breakfast, equality, escapist fantasies, food not bombs, free shit, freedom, freight trains, fuck this, fucking not making love, giving presents, good hugs, graffiti, happy people, harvard square, hitch hiking, hollywood's interpretation of voodoo, interests with 5+ words, kissing strangers, laughing at danger, living in itself, living like an animal, london, my dog, non-violence, not anime, not butt sex, not living with parents, obscenities, pedophobia, projectile vomiting, punk, pwning n00bs, ranting about politics, rats, refusing to list bands, scratching my armpits, selling weed to preteens, shop-liberating, ska, skanking smashed!, skeptisism, sleeping outside, smelling like a person, spacing out, spaghetti without sauce, speaking french in public, steel reserve, ta mere, tank girl, the bubonic plauge, the ocean, the redsox, thrash, thrashing's my business, too cool to shave, travel, traveling by train, undersea exploration, unintentional weight loss, unpainted nails, veganism, vegetables, vulgarity, warm socks, whiskey