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sup,  i'm in montana and honestly liking the internet less and less.
 i'm all cracked out in ocala, done with the woods, the boy is done with me, i have never been more miserable in my life.
i'm going to texas if i didn't piss off my friend, i'm not sure how i ended up like two miles away and naked but i got some clothes now and he's prolly still got whiskey. woo, texas. i am so sick of fucking florida  i hate this state, i wish i had only spent like 3 days there and left with the only love of my life before them fuckin rainbow hippie assholes got him. fuck that shit.




sweet, we're in tallahasse, it's fun and right when we got here we met some other cool dude and thennnn some dude who had a baby rat and let us play with it, then some girl gave us $5 and we got a VEGAN BURRITO. FUCK YEAAAAAH. more library internet. yeah. i wish i had one of those cable-things so i could upload pictures, however most of the ones i've taken are the boy half-nekkid. ha, my badddddd."gutterpunx p0rn" is the half-joke. i'm getting my brother so send me a western union, he owes me $70. oh boy. fun times await. also i think i have a flesh-eating disease.  i'm really fucking dehydrated i think my brain is melting excuse the rambling.

 me, the boy, marc, and creep went to nola, because we thought it'd be fun to stop there on the way to austin (we never made it there). it sucked so fucking bad for everyone besides creep. he took all the money we'd made and got drunk and jumped in the fucking canal. us three sane ones decided we'd had enough drunk tourists and asshole cops, then of course the asshole cops stopped us on the way to the yard. spent all our backup money on a greyhound to get the fuck out, now we're broke and back in pcola. :/
Ayo, I'm in Florida, and have been for like a  week and a half. It's been pretty great, except waiting two days in Baldwin for a westbound. That one sucked. I was in Macon GA for three days before that, camping with some old dudes who kept buying me beer, then Atlanta for a week before that, which fucking ruled and I met some great kids, half of them worked at the food co-op and gave me delicious things, which is good, I've lost a good 15lbs, blah blah. Christmas passed without any real notice. This is coffee-shop internet here, free is good. Blah, just thought I'd let everyone know I was alive.
i gave my brother dreads. honestly he looks so goofy.
yesterday i went on an adventure to Au(Dis)gusta and it was kind of sweet. and the plainly-stated DESTROY CAPITALISM graffiti never fails to bring a smile to my face. mhmmm. this is a day where i should be sleeping but daylight savings really fucked with my brain and i go to bed soooo early and it is not good.